Two Oceans Marathon 2017: Qualifying Criteria

We may have 288 days to go until the Two Oceans Marathon 2017, but if you are one of the +/- 11,000 runners who intend to participate in the 56km Ultra Marathon next year, we are pretty sure that you are already in training!

A magnificent event that attracts some 28,000 national and international runners each year, the 2 Oceans Marathon is now widely referred to as the World’s Most Beautiful Marathon, and once you have witnessed the magical coastline of Southern Africa, you will understand why.

Two Ocean’s Marathon 2017: Guaranteed Entries for Internationals Available Now

But with a personal best at stake, you may not have time to do much sightseeing on-route, so why not head on down to Cape Town a few days before the race, and acclimatise to the beautiful climate and fabulous landscapes! There’s much to see and do in South Africa’s mother city, and the Atlantic Seaboard is the perfect place to stretch your legs in the run up to the event.

However, we have several months to go until the Two Oceans Marathon next Easter, and during that time you’ll have plenty to do if you are to meet the qualifying criteria…

2 Oceans Marathon 2017: Qualifying Criteria International / Overseas Entrants

International runners are encouraged to comply with the same qualifying criteria as South African runners, which means that you must have run a race, standard marathon or ultra-marathon longer than 42.2km within the timeframes listed below.

While African entrants are required to do this in the months leading up to the race, Internationals do have an extended qualifying period, and if for some reason you haven’t managed to run a qualifying marathon by the cut-off day, you can still enter the race, but you’ll start at the back.

Here are Distances and Times required to qualify for seeding in the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon:

  • Distance: 42.2km Time: sub 5:00
  • Distance: 50km Time: sub 6:30
  • Distance: 56km Time: sub 07:00
  • Distance: 90km Time: sub 12:00
  • Distance: 100+ km Time: sub 13:30

Happy Training!





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